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Perhaps a little nip and tuck? not ready for an extension just yet or need to upgrade you’re your existing home to meet your new simple desires or match your new simple extension, talk to us.

As residential specialists we have the experience necessary to transform your existing surrounds to meet your requirements and current trends.

Simple Haus has your renovation needs covered with over 20 years experience we can totally transform or just provide a bit of polish to your current gem to provide a new outlook on your surroundings.



Lovely to luxe, every change available to increase liveability is assessed to provide our clients with the best experience from any renovation undertaken by Simple Haus.

Our in haus designers are available for all requirements and styles to take away the overwhelming concern on making the right decisions or if your confident in your chosen design let us know and we will make it a reality.



Open it up, rearrange it, or replace it just like our bathrooms your design or ours you can feel confident we keep the process simple.

We aim to provide our customers with ‘simple’ constructive advice to connect to and follow our ‘simple’ process to enjoy their new space.


Outdoor Spaces & Entertaining

‘Simple’ priority, the outside needs to be as important as the inside. With so much time enjoyed entertaining, socialising and relaxing outdoors it should definitely be done at home not just on holidays.

Great design ideas and inspiration are at our finger tips everyday. If you’d love to enjoy a new outdoor space from decks, pergolas, maybe an arbor, stone fireplace or an outdoor kitchen is on the wishlist, no problem.

It’s your time to relax, unwind and enjoy. That’s all part of the simple process to ensure you enjoy what everyone else will too!

And us too….