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Design System


*dependant upon site costs


*dependant upon site costs

Whether it be the choice of a single or double storey living module we can best assist in your choice requirements dependant upon your current, future and budgetary needs.

We know it’s important to listen, it’s very important to understand. By doing this we learn what you need first, before what you want. This is the very basis of smart design so we can utilise clever building methods to bring your needs and your wants together in the same budget.

How do we do this?

Our ready base design is pre priced

We then add

  • your site costs
  • your selected finishes (your wants) like hardwood flooring, specific wall or ceiling finishes
  • rooms if required – bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen etc
  • exterior upgrades – decks, balconies, connecting bridges/hallways

Immediately we have a basic design and specification and budget ready to work with that has required no architect or designer fees or delays in producing these.

You can now focus on what you really need and want and how much this will cost before we move to finalising your plans and fixed price cost estimate

All illustrated 3D visualisations are proudly created by the SIMPLE HAUS design team.

Our well designed single storey pavilion begins with a generous area ready to be adapted to your requirements straight away or at a time when your ready.

Open plan spaces are great, but so are your ideas. The advantage of open plan beginnings allows a blank canvas to be spun into an artwork that reflects you, from minimalism to vogue luxe our space fits everyone under one roof (literally).

You will be amazed at the space available in our 2 storey pavilion, it alone has the hallmarks for comfortable beginnings to create a home for the whole family adaptable to fit up to 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms + combined kitchen & living spaces all on a tiny footprint of just 54m2.

Having good bones just like us is the same for your home. When you have a great starting point to build upon, anything that follows is simple. Whether your desire is living, entertaining or relaxing.

Adding your choice of kitchen, bathroom, styling & space for generous living our Simple Haus will be converted to suit your individuality.

The SIMPLE truth is smart design makes great sense.