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About Simple Haus

What we saw

Throughout twenty+ years experience, the same themes seem to have emerged.

The general perception out there in the past and at present is ‘Architect first, Builder second’. We’re changing that.

When most clients are not aware that architects spend a lot of time drawing ‘great ideas’ but not a lot of time costing or building them.  At times easily adding up to 30% to their budget costs just to have initial drawings, which costs both time and $$$ for every amendment issue of plans drawn.

Time and time again having discussions with people who require a practical approach to increasing living space without sacrificing good design and ourselves living in Inner city Brisbane, it emerged there was a need for an easier way of increasing living space.

I have spoken with numerous people who have experienced extended timeframes, building budget blowouts and longer rental costs.

I started to understand why so many people became stressed and disappointed during this process.

I decided there had to be a ‘simple’ solution for families that just want a ‘simple’ extension.

What we did “Simple”

Came up with a simple space that was suitable for all client options. Initially produced to suit narrow inner city lots to offer a space that many Queenslander homes were short of, however “simple haus” was adaptable to be shrunk, stretched, multiplied and joined all around basic design.  Our multi pavilion design has many options including new homes, vacant blocks, larger blocks and acreage.

“Simple” building

A big believer in organic development our onsite building methods are still employed (some sites just don’t like prefab modular) and with this the owner is able to see their creation come to life and overcome any little design preferences that arise (hmm can I have a window over there I didn’t realise the view would be so nice?)

“Simple” roots

Simple Haus is a family owned business, that has culminated over 20+ years of experience to achieve industry award nominations and create award winning builds.

Company Director Geoff Aisbett spent the formative years of his career working on multiple facets of the industry.  Covering all spectrums of residential development from new package homes to bespoke architect designed properties and renovations.

Geoff is an industry recognised member and licensed builder.  He has a network of competent qualified team members and trades people to enable exceptional results safely and effectively.